About Us

A little story about us...

Dollylocks Professional Organic Dreadlock Products was established in 2010 in sunny St Petersburg FL, where to this day our products are still handcrafted in small batches with love and the highest quality of ingredients available.  With an eco-friendly sustainable reputation, Dollylocks is certified and recognized by the cosmetic division in multiple countries required for global resale, distribution and manufacturing.

Dollylocks Organic Products was established by Alin Leslie, a seasoned hair stylist and successful salon owner specializing in dreadlocks, extensions and hair education for well over 30 years! 

Alin's love for dreadlocks began in the late 1980’s when she discovered the band ‘Bad Brains’.  Lead by singer Paul Hudson (H.R.) Bad Brains was a punk/ reggae band inspired by Bob Marley.  The entire band and the tiny stage they performed on was filled with the visual stimulation of amazing hair… dreadlocks!  After the show and briefly chatting with the band, it was love at first sight and sound!  Alin had to have dreadlocks!  Who would have known that her very first punk show would evolve into such a passionate career?  Well, we all have our journey, right?

Fast forward to the late 90’s and working as a professional licensed cosmetologist in New York City.  Alin found herself in an endless search for clean, organic and sustainable dreadlock products while working along side Sonia Peterson, the leader and founder of Hair Police. In addition to the years of moral support from her friends Jonquil Elise Dreadful (Fiercelocks) and Melinda Hurt (Doctored Locs), Alin’s passion for dreadlocks, her entrepreneurial spirit, while living a clean and chemical free lifestyle herself she decided to create Dollylocks Organic Products Inc.  Not only as a necessary component to the creation, implementation and aftercare in dreadlock home care, but also as a go-to resource for working dreadlock professionals in the hair industry.

Dollylocks Organic Products is a top selling, globally distributed and recognized organic and residue-free product line specifically designed for dreadlocks, although these fine products are quite versatile and can be used on brush-able hair as well as the entire body! Over the years the dreadlock hairstyle has evolved as a mainstream hairstyle, while remaining spiritually natural for all ages and ethnicities.

Our products are 100% vegan, sulfate free, residue free, paraben free, water soluble and certified cruelty free! Each and every product is handcrafted in small batches with renewable sustainable sources through the use of essential oils, plant extracts, and natural antioxidants.

Our products are designed specifically for any hair type or texture, with healthy dreadlocks in mind!

‘We take great pride in the quality of our products, customer relations and making a positive global impact with sustainable resources.’ - Alin Leslie