Dollylocks Hair Dryer Bonnet

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  • GET A SALON-QUALITY - Simply hook up the long, flexible drying hose to your hair dryer, wrap the soft hood around your head and adjust the comfortable fit, and let the hair dryer blow and dry out your hair safely while you’re putting on your makeup or getting the day started off on the right foot
  • ENJOY LONGER DEEP CONDITIONING - A headband integrated into blow dryer cap that reduces heat around your ears and neck, to prevent heat and irritation issues, enjoy your long sessions
  • EASY TO USE - Complete with a drawstring around your head and chin these soft bonnet hair dryer attachments are lightweight and comfortable while the longer, flexible hose still lets you move around and do your makeup
  • SAVE TIME AND EFFORT - These versatile hair-dryer bags slide over your head and secure firmly to start drying your hair rapidly while keeping your hands free to handle other things in the bathroom; all to make mornings a little bit easier