Common Questions and Answers

All Dollylocks Products are Professional grade hair products that are formulated to work for all hair types and textures.

Q: What is the difference between the Shampoo Bar and Liquid Shampoo?

A: The Shampoo Bar is formulated with sea salt, which will help the locking process in young dreadlocks, however works well on all dreadlocks. Liquid Shampoo is recommended for any age of dreadlocks or synthetic/ wool fibers and fabric dreadlocks. For the Liquid Shampoo we recommend starting with a quarter sized amount per section of head (back, left/ right sides and top), and washing, rinse and repeat as needed, generally 2-3 times. Our formula does not over lather like a traditional detergent soap shampoo, so you do not need as much as you think! 

Q: What is the difference between the Refreshening Spray and Cleansing Spray?

A: Refreshening Spray is perfect for in-between washes to refresh the scalp, soothe irritation, and hydrate dreadlocks. Spray as needed, as it will absorb and nourish your hair or wash off the next time you wash your hair. You can also focus on the scalp to relieve itching or irritation. Cleansing Spray is used to cleanse the scalp in between washes without having to fully wash the hair. Section your dreadlocks and spray on your scalp, then use a damp washcloth or exfoliating cloth to gently pat your scalp and remove any excess oil, dirt or debris. 

Q: How much Tightening Gel do I need?

A: A little goes a long way with all of our products!! We recommend starting with a quarter sized amount, rubbing your palms together and running your hands through clean, damp dreadlocks to help disperse the product. We recommend after washing or spraying with Tightening Spray or Refreshening Spray to apply to damp hair, this will help with disbursement, as the Gel is a concentrated thick consistency. If too much product is applied, simply wet your hands or spray hair with water to dilute the excess product.  

Q: How do I use the Tightening Spray?

A: We recommend spraying the Tightening Spray about 12 inches away from your dreadlocks, sectioning your hair as you spray to ensure even distribution. This can be used daily or weekly as needed to encourage locking and will wash out when you next wash your dreadlocks. 

Q: How often should I use the Detox Kit?

A: We recommend detoxing your dreadlocks 2-4 times a year depending upon your occupation and lifestyle. One bag will generally be enough for your whole head, however if your dreadlocks are mature and never been detoxed, two bags may be necessary for back to back applications.

Q: How do I use the Conditioning Oil?

A: We recommend starting with a dime sized amount, rubbed between your palms and applied directly to dry dreadlocks. For severe dandruff or scalp issues, apply directly to the scalp as a pretreatment before shampooing or to spot treat, apply and remove with a dry cloth. 

Q: Why is our pomade “bee-free” and why is that important?

A: Beeswax is not water soluble and has a high-melting point, which means no matter how hard you scrub or hot your water, it’s nearly impossible to remove beeswax from dreads. This can cause build-up and eventually lead to trapped moisture and even mold. Our pomade is bee-free, formulated to wash out with shampoo and water. Work great to tame fly-aways while leaving hair nourished, protected and hydrated. 

 Q: What is the difference between the Tightening Spray and the Tightening Gel?

A: Tightening Gel is a concentrated product that will encourage new growth to tighten, nourish with protein for damaged hair and tame fly-aways, keeping everything neat and tidy. We highly recommend it for new dreadlocks as it will help accelerate the locking process. Tightening Spray is also a concentrated product however since it's a spray, it can be applied as needed as often as you like! We always say "a little goes a long way" since you really don't need to apply much for it to be effective. Both will wash out upon shampooing. 

Q: How do I know if my dreadlocks are young or mature?

A: Young dreadlocks are newly formed “soft” dreadlocks, while mature dreads are established and “firm.” This can depend on a lot of factors, including your hair type and maintenance routine, but a general rule of thumb is that dreadlocks a year and older are “mature.”


More Product Knowledge 

Almost all of our products have multiple uses for dreadlocks and brushable hair. Occasionally customers may change their mind about needing a product or take out their dreads and have remaining product left over.

This is how you can use the following products: 

    • Tightening Spray: On brushable hair as a texturizing/sea-salt spray, giving a “day at the beach” look 
    • Shampoo Bar/Liquid Shampoo: Hand or body soap, or shampoo for brushable hair. Our shampoos are meant to be clarifying so you will need to use a conditioner on brushable hair. 
    • Refreshening Spray: Body, room, air, fabric or anything freshener!
    • Conditioning Oil: Body or massage oil, makeup remover (unscented) 


Other Product Related Issues

Q: I just got my bottle of (X) and it looks different from the last bottle I got, did you change the formula?

A: Because our products are made in small batches using natural ingredients, there is often some variability in appearance. Due to the natural composition of our ingredients, colors and textures of each product may vary.

Q: What is the “fragrance/parfum” on your ingredients; I thought you were organic?

A: A number of our products contain phthalate-free fragrance oils, which can be derived from a number of sources (which are often proprietary). Any product containing an ingredient considered a "fragrance" under EU cosmetic labeling guidelines will have this ingredient declared in its ingredients list, which we always encourage customers to review before purchase. Common allergens contained by any fragrance or essential oils in our products will also be listed with italicized lettering. Many of these allergens are naturally occurring, such as linalool which is found in mint, laurel, and citrus plants. 

The ingredient in the Lavender Sky scent that must be listed as fragrance is a "Nature Identical Oil", meaning it has a chemical structure that is exactly the same as its naturally occurring counterpart. A man-made copy of what exists in nature, so to speak.

Q: I got the Unscented products but they still have a smell.

A: Unscented does not necessarily mean it has no scent, it just means we do not add fragrance or essential oils to it to create a scent. Our raw ingredients will still have their own natural scent, which is what you are smelling. 

Q: My product seems to be separating, is that normal?

A: We do not use chemical emulsifiers or stabilizers; this is why some of our products will have natural separation. Just shake up the bottle before use and you are good to go. 

Q: What is the thickness of the Nylon Thread?

A: It is a medium weight nylon. The thread itself is 0.295mm with a tensile strength of 5355 grams.



Coconut: Our product line has been formulated with organic coconut as the foundation ingredient (coconut oil and/or coconut water, depending on the specific product). With an allergy to coconut, it would be most prudent to discontinue use of any Dollylocks products and consult a physician.

Tree Nut: Shampoo Bar Only. Contains almond oil which is a tree nut allergen.