Common Questions and Answers

All Dollylocks Products are Professional grade hair products that are formulated to work for all hair types and textures.

More Product Knowledge

Almost all of our products have multiple uses for dreadlocks and brushable hair. Occasionally customers may change their mind about needing a product or take out their dreads and have remaining product left over.

This is how you can use the following products:

  • Tightening Spray: On brushable hair as a texturizing/sea-salt spray, giving a “day at the beach” look 
  • Shampoo Bar/Liquid Shampoo: Hand or body soap, or shampoo for brushable hair. Our shampoos are meant to be clarifying so you will need to use a conditioner on brushable hair. 
  • Refreshening Spray: Body, room, air, fabric or anything freshener!
  • Conditioning Oil: Body or massage oil, makeup remover (unscented) 

Other Product Related Issues


Coconut: Our product line has been formulated with organic coconut as the foundation ingredient (coconut oil and/or coconut water, depending on the specific product). With an allergy to coconut, it would be most prudent to discontinue use of any Dollylocks products and consult a physician.

Tree Nut: Shampoo Bar Only. Contains almond oil which is a tree nut allergen.