Synthetic Dreadlocks Travel Size Care Set

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Product Overview

Our residue-free products will help soothe the scalp and revitalize your synthetic dreadlocks! Save off individual retail price with this care set of handpicked products.

Also available in full size - click here to go to the Synthetic Dreadlocks Care Set.

Synthetic Dreadlocks Travel Size Care Set includes:

(1) - 1oz Liquid Shampoo

Mature dreadlocks will love our rich and invigorating clarifying shampoo made with plant-based ingredients. Lightweight and Residue-Free, leaving your scalp feeling refreshed and dreadlocks squeaky clean! Provides gentle yet effective cleansing with an aroma that will awaken and lift your spirits!

(1) - 1oz Refreshening Spray

Lightly moisturizing and very refreshing! A perfect blend of plant-based ingredients are combined for an uplifting "in-between" shampooing spray. Designed to stimulate scalp, hydrate dreadlocks, and awaken your senses - this delightful blend will leave your scalp and dreadlocks feeling clean, fresh and very happy all day long!

(1) - 1oz Conditioning Oil

Great for softening scratchy fibers! Nourish and renew for a healthy scalp and dreadlocks! This blend of plant-based oils and extracts are closest to the scalp’s sebum. Non-comedogenic and won’t clog pores. Absorbs into skin and hair to protect and balance moisture while preventing dry or flaky scalp.

PLEASE apply a small amount to test the fiber first - some fibers may not play well with the oil.

(1) - 1oz Cleansing Spray

Experience cleanliness without the hassle of washing with water! Cleanse and remove excess oil from the scalp to extend time between regular shampooing. Save time and stay dry!

(1) - Head Wrap

A versatile tube-style head wrap helps provide compression to soothe an irritated scalp and keep hair out of the way during the day or while sleeping. Made of high quality soft 100% Polyester Microfiber and measures approximately 19.5" x 10" when laid flat.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review