Ask Alin - Cleansing vs Refreshening

Ask Alin - Cleansing vs Refreshening

Great question!

Cleansing Spray is for removing and alleviating buildup, excess sebum and debris from the scalp and hair in-between shampoo washes.

Refreshening Spray is used to hydrate, stimulate and/or calm the scalp, leaving your dreadlocks and body, and clothing and well… basically just about anything you spray, smelling amazing!!

Incorporating both products into your Dreadlock routine will give you happy and healthy hair and scalp.
Lightly moisturizing, pH balanced, strengthening and residue free!!

Cleansing Spray is to be applied directly to the scalp. Just spray on, let’s set for a minute and use a damp washcloth or the Dollylocks Exfoliating Cloth to remove excess oil, buildup, environmental toxins and debris!
Easy breezy! 

Refreshening Spray can be used everyday! Not only does it provide an amazing relief for your scalp with its organic essential oils, it smells absolutely incredible!

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